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Digital Tools for Learning

Students will be provided with a variety of opportunities to examine, apply, and critique the instructional affordances and constraints of a variety of digital learning tools, focusing upon how they can be utilized to support teaching and learning, professional development, communication and collaboration, and educational media production.

The overall purpose of this course is to prepare students to identify digital tools to support teaching and learning and develop resources for educators and researchers seeking to evaluate those tools for their use in classroom instruction as well as for professional development and personal productivity. Minimal course entry expectations are for students to be comfortable and competent with word processing, electronic mail, Web browsing, database searching, and the basic functions of one computer operating system.

  • Explore a range of digital technology tools and resources for education, including existing and projected uses in teaching and learning
  • Identify, compare, and contrast the affordances and constraints of particular digital tools and resources.
  • Collaboratively develop a Web-based resource for educators highlighting affordances and constraints of commonly used educational technologies
  • Design, develop and produce a video case study focusing on the educational uses of digital tools in either K-12 or adult education.
  • Research, design and develop a research report on the instructional application of a particular digital technology tool or resource for either K-12 or adult education.