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Today's Agenda:

What I Learned on Twitter: http://home.comcast.net/~steveham21/turbo.mpg

Affordances and Constraints:

A Request: write a summary of your book and post to the VSTE Ning
Next week: write a few questions

Webinar Planning: whole group

Do you want to have:
Handouts? An outline: one page flyer that links to the individual videos with short summaries about each one, hyperlink to the wiki; summary? By Monday May 3: email to Karen
Slides? Yes...

Webinar Planning: small groups

Marketing Team: Mane, Deb, Dale, James


The marketing team will be responsible for advertising the webinar. They may enlist their classmates as needed.
The marketing team will serve as the lead facilitators for the session. They will talk about Learn Central and do a general introduction and then provide transitions between the different presentations.

Action items:
- Write the webinar invitation done
- Post invitation below to VSTE Ning, ISTE Ning, and other social networks we blelong to
- Email the invitation to colleagues and friends
- Use the SoE grad listserv to send the invitation
- link invitation message to Learn Central done
- Intro slides: We will read to the guests will do!

Invitation message:
Tired of your first life?
Do you learn better in your p.j.'s?
Want your bookmarks to follow you wherever you go?
Ed Tech professionals at the College of William and Mary invite you to participate in a webinar entitled Classrooms Without Boundaries: Technology Tools for Learning.

Learn about several technology tools that enhance Pre-K through Higher-Ed teaching and learning. Ever evolving 21st Century tools provide innovative experiences for learners of all ages!

Join our Elluminate session on Wednesday, May 5, 2010 from 5:00PM through 6:00PM (Eastern time.)

Intro: James

Elluminate: Deb, Dale, Fritz, and Sue
Whiteboard: James
Social Bookmarking: Sharon
RSS: Lori
Lego: Steve and Kim
2Nd Life: Mane
WebQuest: Sherry

Closing: Mane

Content Team: Sherry, Kim, Sue, Steve
The content team will finalize the agenda for the evening. They will create a suggested format for presentations as well as a slide template for presentations.
The content team will serve as the welcome group for the webinar. In addition to welcoming participants as they login, they will monitor raised hands and assign the microphone as needed. They will also monitor the chat for questions.

Technical Team: Sharon, Lori, Fritz
The technical team will be responsible for completing the Elluminate tutorials and be the "go to" people for how to use the interface.
The technical team will be responsible for uploading the slides, testing microphones, monitoring technical questions AND MOST IMPORTANT, remembering to record the session!