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January 27 Notes:

To do: Between now and March 3 set up our Avatar at Second Life.
Consider Sherry Turkel's book - she is an expert on Second Life; Neil Postman The End of Education - Philosophical

Blogs - post at least one per week by Sunday; respond to others' Blogs
You may write a blog entry in response to someone else's - link to the original blog
Comments are 1 or 2 paragraphs; 2 or 3 are blog entries
Categories for blogs: draw on the major topics of the blog post (in your wordpress; there is a listing for categories - create them on the fly); create more than one per blog; think them through so you don't have too many
Don't worry about tagging right now
This week respond to Chapter 1 in our book

Read Assorted Stuff Blog under top 50 edublogs in Diigo; personally bookmark Horizon report on this site so you can highlight; consider doing this for other reading; identify private and group when bookmarking

Blog entry is long conversation on a topic; twitter is a cocktail party

Do the affordances of the tool outweigh the strength? A good thing to blog about (oovoo) Do you have access, how do you manage it, how much instruction will you need to provide

RSS - Real Simple Syndication - at the bottom of pages
Can get aggregators - take text and put it in one place

February 3 Notes:

Diigo - choose to share it with the group when you highlight

Create a google account

Look for research on the technology you plan to use and do your paper on; this may be difficult to find
The International Society for Technology in Education may be a source.
Center for Applied Research in Educational Technology is another source.
Karen will post journals on the wiki that we may be able to use.

Let Karen know which book you decide to read; we will read this in the last half of the semester

Internet archive - web.archive.org - find old articles and items from the internet from Wackymachine on this site; type in site and click "take me back"

Netvibes is "feed reader" - it reads RSS feeds

Collaboration Student Activity

Polling website - Zoho

vsteonline.ning.com - create an account and friend Karen; create your own page; you may repost your blog on this site if you'd like

Googler Reader - Horizon RSS; you can subscribe to these feeds from Karen's blog; if you pick subscribe it will appear on your google reader page

Set up a Twitter account

February 24

GIS - about getting raw data and mapping it
Mashup - combination of different applications in one place
Google maps - log into google, click on my maps, create your own map (perhaps of a trip you've taken)
Tweetdeck - free download; organizes the tweets
March 3 - meet in the basement of Swem Library
Second Life - have an avatar and be ready to go by March 3; download Second Life
Post something in Ning or repost your blog to the Ning

March 31
Paper and video due on May 12 (no class) - do last blog entry reflecting on the semester
Paper for k-12 or higher ed practitioner and what info they need to know - research and three good examples of folks using it
Include - Intro to technology (not a user manual), affordances and constraints, research (an overview, not a lit review), and examples (put the emphasis here) - what are other people already doing with it; include hyperlinks
Papers will be posted on a public wiki site

May 5 (7:30 - 8:30): Webinar - advertising the work we are doing to drive traffic to the wiki; each group or person will talk for approximately 5 minutes about our technology for the project and its affordances and constraints; this will be done on Elluminate (we need to advertise it) - just hit the highlights; we will not be in the class (distance event)
April 28 - York County folks present
April 21 - webinar planning time
April 14 - no class (work on projects)
April 7 - robotics

Webinar planning
Click on manage files, then files, then upload files. The template is here. Add our stuff by May 3 (an intro slide plus whatever else we want); our blurb about our project is due by May 3 as well. We can join the wiki on May 5 anytime after 4. Go into LearnCentral v-room and look around. We can send messages to just moderators during the event. Mane will screen share the wiki at the closing of our session. We have until 6:30. E-mail the invite message under the schedule for April 21 to our staff at T/TAC.