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Tonight's Agenda:

Affordances and Constraints of Using Elluminate

An Experiment: Using Twitter to Take and Share Notes

Data Mapping: Earthquakes
A really basic example with Excel: http://landmark-project.com/d3.html
Google Maps
  • Click on My Maps, Browse Content
Google Earth
  • Click on Add Content and search on earthquakes

Other Ways to Use Data Mapping:

Earthquake Data: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/catalogs/

5:30 Chris O'Neal and iPods in the Classroom

Steve's notes on the class:

GIS day

General notes
March 3: We will take a tour of the Media Center next Wednesday in the basement, becoming camera certified. Then we walk back here for the rest of class. Be sure to have Second Life installed as we will do a try out after our trip to the Media Center

March 10: Then spring break.

These have been flip-flopped from the original schedule:
March 17: Gaming

March 24: Then we meet in Second Life.

Real data on the web just for GIS, can map in Excel

Can get earthquake data more than 100 years into the past (USGS)

Can search the database for regions

Just do 1 year (there are a lot of Earthquakes). May limit to 6-9 power.

May need the “Text to Columns” feature

Latitude on y, longitude on x

Can drop in a picture (MAP) in the back of the chart!

Google maps
Click on “My maps”

Mash-ups (combo of different apps in one place)

Can tie pictures and video into a map

Go to “Browse the directory”

Try “Dig a hole through the Earth”

See where you live. Then, try to get it on China.

Try “Area and Distance Calculator” by clicking on two points.

Try “Real-time Earthquakes”

Can click on the Earthquake for details.

Can zoom in and then switch to satellite.

Google Earth
Take the tour! It shows everything from the Eiffel Tower to the Titanic. (Note: It crashed my computer twice.)

Almost unlimited overlays.

Presentation from @onealchris (He did not make it in.)
Everyone will Tweet about the presentation. See Twitter accounts for notes.
Karen used chalk when discussing hash tags in Twitter. You could, for example, hash tag everything “#crin604” at the end. Then, we can search and compile all of the Tweets.

We did not Twitter because the speaker did not arrive.

Second Life
We spent some time in Second Life as the speaker did not arrive.

Affordances and constraints

We considered affordances and constraints for Elluminate and for cell phones in classrooms. These are posted on the wiki.