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Notes for February 3

Today's Agenda:

Closure from last week...

Thinking About Educational Research:

Just for Fun: http://www.archive.org/details/CivilWar1954

Collaboration for Students Activity:
In small groups, choose two or three projects from the links provided and consider how a teacher might integrate these projects into their classrooms. Specifically consider the following:
  • Logistics: how long does it last? what do they have to do?
  • Alignment: Is it possible to align the project with state curriculum standards (Click here to access the standards)
  • Resources: What resources would a teacher and her students need to participate in this project?
  • Affordances and Constraints: What's good? What's tough?


High Res Image Targeting Challenge:
  • webinar
  • google discussion group
  • students suggest part of part of Mars to be photographed by High Res imaging
  • if students make the case, they will be among the first, they get to see the photo
  • Deadlines are ongoing depending on registration
  • 6th grade does planets (language arts)
  • computer w/internet; good connection, images are high res
  • constraint: might not win during the school year; you could lose
  • affordances: accesible to anyone and real world

iEARN: Good Deeds
  • writing project, service learning,
  • ongoing: choose a project in their community, write and share an album about the project
  • Language Arts project
  • maybe a high school service learning
  • need Internet acces, digital comeras, institutional account
  • Affordances: collaboraite skills, problem solving, writing skills
  • Constraints: costs money, be a member; how is it collaborative? kids have to be taught to keyboard; field trips

iEARN: water habitat project
  • schools take measurements of their habitat, put it on a website
  • concept based unit: aligns with 6th grade science standards, use that as a base for the rest of the year
  • technology: internet, file sharing methods, collect data, field trips, water habitat
  • parent permission forms: to leave school, to participate online
  • Affordances: a way of having an experience, authentic, engaging, problem solving, world access, collaborative in nature, activism
  • Constraints: access to technology, time zones, language barriers, cultural constraints, types of technology at different schools, standards friendly?

Global SchoolNet: Bio Dynamic Farming
  • collaborative project: students create a sustainable food resource system; hydroponics: alleviate food shortages
  • six weeks:
  • course management platform: need internet
  • software and power tool requirements: CAD, tools
  • Affordances: service learning, project based learning, giving feedback on designs, very collaborative, real world, authentic
  • Constraints: power tools! time and maybe not in a class that's constrained by a test

Collaboration for Grown Ups: participating in a social networking community