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Introductions: who are you and why are you here and what do you hope to learn?
AND what is your current favorite technology and the technology you don't like or get...

Navigating the Course Wiki: please create your own page on the wiki

Technology Categories Exercise: we created our own pages, listed all the technologies we could think of and then worked in small groups to categorize those technologies.


Software: web-based, downloadable

Main Equipment: laptop
Programs: software OR online stuff
Peripherals: printer, scanner, flash drive: they don't do anything unless they are connected to something else

Media editing/creating
mobile technologies
information and research
entertainment and shopping
educational tools
security and safety
Programming applications (scratch, alice, storytelling alice)

Categories from an educator's point of view:

Collaborative writing/keyboarding (communication/networking)
Writing, presenting, data organization, life skills, oral communication (productivity)
Graphic organizers
Educational hardware: interactive technologies
Internet Safety
Information and Research

Tools: your laptop, etc.
Resources: internet programs, downloadable programs, websites

What we have and what we don't have (hardware)
What the filter allows and what it won't

Subject Area Categories:
Science: logo, robotics,
Social Studies: united streaming, youtube videos, blog, skype with experts, google earth
English: Nings, google docs, blogging
Math: logo, robotics, hands-on equations, youtube videos, geometer's sketchpad

Other Ways of Organizing:
Top 100 Tools: http://c4lpt.co.uk/recommended/index.html
Wes Fryer: http://www.speedofcreativity.org/2009/08/15/discouraging-lecture-hall-technology-abuse-encouraging-interactive-discussions/
Engauge Range of Use Chart: http://www.metiri.com/Solutions/RangeOfUse.htm


Course Overview and Logistics
Setting Up and Posting to a Blog (http://blogs.wm.edu/)