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Today's Agenda:

Tour/Camera Class @ SWEM @ 4:30

Back @ Jones: Digital Storytelling Review...definition and examples

  • Using video to tell a story: could use stills, could be animation, multimedia, use scratch, could be a powerpoint with narration
  • a compilation of multimedia materials into a video project to tell a story
  • could be to communicate an idea depending on content
  • could relate a certain concept: may not be a "typical" story with characters, theme, etc.
  • it reflects your own points of view through presenting the video
  • very personal creation
  • often a collaborative project
  • pulls together lots of different skills: writing, planning, highly interdisciplinary
  • Using scratch to tell a story about history
  • having to go through the synthesis as a student (it take LONGER to create), it sticks with you longer to put together in a cohesive manner
  • the process of how you arrive to the project is pretty valuable: storyboards, scripts, learn to collaborate, decide roll play, recording, find their strengths and weaknesses, etc, etc, They have to really collaborate! Pretty cool learning experience
  • Great opportunity for teachers to collaborate: deal with content and then using the technology classroom to do the work; the support teacher would help with it
  • More authentic learning, more engaging, more revealing of what students know

Constraints: availability of the technology to do this and suspicion that teachers would be assigning parts to be done outside of class, children who don't have access outside of class,

CaseNEX Case Studies: http://www.casenex.com/casenet/frontPages/PA_CFF_ResrcCtr/cases.jsp

A few words about copyright: http://witchyrichy.wikispaces.com/copyright

Choices for completing the video:
iMovie or MovieMaker