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Google now has their own website creation tool: Google sites (link on the Feb. 3 page)

Trackstar for teachers - free and has been around for a while. Search for topics and shows websites in frames. Frame at top allows user to type in information at top and on the side are other links. Another way for organizing websites. More of a scavenger hunt than a webquest.

Filamentality:Offers variety of formats for creating things. Has a hotlist for sites, but also has a webquest format. Shows the beginnings of Web 2.0 and can search for what others have done. Has also been around for a while.

Cuban says that there wasn't ever any great research done. However 2 reports have been done on United Streaming (online video library/warehouse). The reports were self-published by united streaming.

United Streaming Reports thoughts:
It didn't seem united streaming specific in that it could have been filmstrips, youtube, etc. Many variables that weren't addressed in the studies; teacher attitudes, length of clips. teacher competence. It's not about the technology, it's about the teacher using the technology.

How helpful would this study be as a principal or classroom teacher:
It raises interest in wanting to try it, but for most it raised more questions about how to implement and in which subjects.

As we start our work on presenting a technology, we are going to need to start looking for research on the technology. CARET can be a good place to start. Technology is effective when it is aligned with the curriculum.

PBS study: percentage of teachers using digital media is going up.

Reflections from PBS Frontline:
Found that kids couldn't actually multi-task like they/we thought they could. However kids didn't want to believe it when told the results.
Difference in South Korean kids and American kids in terms of how they used technology and games. South Koreans were very isolated while Americans seemed to use it to collaborate and communicate. Some concerns about holding up the ideas on digital natives without due diligence.

The Internet Archive (archive.org): trying to catalog the internet. Old videos, music, websites (way back machine)