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  • Books: Teachers and Machines - Read Chapter 1 for next week.
  • Pick a book for the second half of the class - List on Wiki does not have to be on the list
  • Blogs - post at least once a week by Sunday, comment on at least one person's blog or write a blog entry in reaction to someone else's entry.
    • Blog tips - Categorize your blog entry, blogs are searchable by category to see all other entries in that category, try to pick good category names so you don't get too many or the eclectic mix in Karen's blog
    • Tags - other people can find your entries using these - don't worry about them
    • Post on your blog this week - possibly about Chapter 1 of Teachers and Machines - but can be something else within the content of the class
  • Diigo also uses tags - try to minimize the number of tags. Join class group.
  • Use Webspiration - What's the Vision - fill in the organizer
    • Affordances - no software to install, ease of file sharing
    • Constraints - must have internet access, tech glitches, no assistive technology, no voice, since it is free, will it go away, number of computers available compared to number of students, no simultaneous collaboration
    • As a teacher I have to decide if the affordances outweight the constraints? (Blog fodder) How do we manage the constraints?
  • Setting up an aggregator. Video. RSS Real Simple Syndication. RSS strips content from the webpage format and collects only what you are interested in.
    • Firefox toolbar - has aggregator built in
    • Google Reader
    • iGoogle
    • NetVibes
    • Set up your aggregator